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NEW Keynote for 2024
Learn To Leverage Youth As Employees

2024 KEYNOTES - Maximizing Human Potential In Your Organization

Learn To Leverage Youth As Employees

Stop Dreading & Start Mastering Hiring Youth In their 20's as Impactful Team Members In Your Organization

Hiring youth in their 20’s has become an enormous pain point for many organizations. Do these rants sound familiar in your organization?

Hiring youth in their 20’s is so frustrating because:

      • They leave or get fired in less than 1-2 years
      • They are entitled and have unreasonable expectations
      • They are lazy and don’t put in the work
      • If they aren’t stuck on their phone at work, they are late or calling in sick

What if you could reduce your hiring cost, increase your candidate pool, hire candidates excited to work for your organization and gain immediate positive output from your youth hires? Oh, and as a by product of all of this, become a place that attracts great people while creating raving fans for your organization. 

Leverage Leah’s massive expertise working with youth to learn how you can leverage the passion and power of youth in your organization. 

Your audience will walk away with tangible tools to take a new approach to hiring youth and understand how they can become accelerators in your organization growth. 

Virtual & In Person Delivery Available

Leadership, Mindset, Growth, Culture

All Teams, Managers, C-Level, Business Owners, Educators, Coaches, Sales Teams

60min Keynote

Evolve Your Hiring Process To Save Time, Money & Turnover

Increase Your Candidate Pool and Streamline Your Process to Hire Your Next Employee in 80% Less Time, Cost & Disappointment.

Are you still interviewing candidates one on one? Or perhaps you are getting extra fancy utilizing AI and automated online hiring processes. Either way, your hiring process is probably costing you time, money,  high turnover, or all 3. 

There is a way to harness the power of systems while still maintaining a strong human component in your hiring process to not only save you time, money and frustration, but to leave you with more than a few incredible candidates to choose from. And this talk will show you how. 

Hear from Leah and her 15 years in franchise systems, matched with her strong dedication to human development to learn the secret sauce in hiring your entry-mid level teams in your organization. 

You will learn how to:

      • Increase your candidate pool so you don’t miss the “right” candidate
      • Reduce hiring time, lost time, and output by at least 80% compared to conventional methods
      • Learn to test candidates for the role & company “fit” 
      • Create raving fans for your company out of the candidates who you didn’t hire

If your organization is hiring even 1 employee a year, you can’t afford to miss this talk.

Virtual & In Person Delivery Available

Leadership, Mindset, Growth, Culture

All Teams, Managers, C-Level, Business Owners, Educators, Coaches, Sales Teams

60min Keynote


Elevate Your Virtual Communication

Build Trust & Connection Through a Webcam with Remote Teams, Clients & Prospects

Do you feel disconnected from your remote teams, clients or students when communicating online? Are you feeling physically exhausted from online meetings and feeling less effective in your ability to lead? You aren’t alone.

Learn how a few simple updates to your communication habits in remote communication will:

      • Reduce “Zoom Fatigue” for You and Your Team, Clients or Students
      • Build Trust Faster Through Remote Communication
      • Feel More Connected to Your Remote Team, Clients or Students
      • Increase Productivity for You & Your Team, Clients or Students

In this interactive, online keynote, your audience will walk away with immediate tools and start rewiring their mind to help build trust and connection with remote teams, their clients or students, faster, while reducing “Zoom” fatigue and burnout. 

Virtual Delivery Only - Attendees Logged in Individually for Best Results

Leadership, Trust Building, Remote Communication, Relationship Building

Remote Leaders & Teams, Remote Educators, Coaches, Sales, Recruiters

60min Workshop


Interview With Precision

Hire The BEST Fit - Authentic Human Connection Meets Automation

Your interview process is the first impression to prospective candidates. It is also one of the most time consuming and costly activities in your organization when done ineffectively. 

It’s time to update your hiring practices to attract the next generation of youth. This keynote will expand your mind as to what is possible to achieve, and attract, through progressive hiring practices. 

By aligning what you need with what you are attracting, and implementing efficient hiring funnels, you can:

    • Interview 8x+ MORE candidates in the same time, or less, than you are spending now
    • See your candidates in actions BEFORE you hire them
    • Determine if they will be a culture fit FIRST
    • Test their Human Soft Skills FIRST to see if they can grow with your company
    • Create RAVING FANS out of your candidates, even the ones you don’t hire

If you are struggling to hire teams fast enough and suffering from high turnover due to poor (culture, skills) fit, then you cannot afford to miss out on this course. 

These hiring practices work for all levels of roles, but are especially critical when hiring for high turnover roles, entry level, volunteers, or departments experiencing high growth volume. 

On Demand Digital Course

Hiring, Interviewing

Managers, Hiring Teams, HR, Business Owners, Recruiters

2hrs At Your Own Pace

What People are Saying

Leah's session is one of the best sessions I've attended to date. She was engaging, fun, and I discovered a few tools that I have implemented into my workplace! I can't rate Leah highly enough."

Leah Coss is AMAZING! She really does practice what she teaches. This was the highlight of the symposium for me."

I absolutely loved the session! Leah was incredibly engaging and I learned a lot, both from the content she was sharing and how she was delivering the presentation."

Very dynamic presentation and I had a lot of "aha" moments! I probably got more out of this [presentation] than I've gotten out of 90% of others in general."

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About Leah Coss

Leah Coss is on a mission to change the way we value and educate humans in society. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Robotics, Leah believes that our roles as humans, and the skills we require to feel successful and fulfilled, have radically changed, but our outdated biases and judgements of one another have not. This contradiction is having a detrimental impact on our own feelings of self worth and limiting our true potential to be happy. 

For businesses and organizations, it is creating higher employee turnover, a loss in client loyalty, and ultimately, a loss in momentum, money and growth. 

Leah is the Founder and Co-Founder of growing organizations such as BBK Network, Build a Biz Kids, and The Fuel Academy. Utilizing her extensive background in franchise systems, her ongoing work with youth under 30 and children, as well as her passionate research in human essential soft skill development & growth mindset, her organizations are actively developing advanced learning methodologies and resources for individuals and organizations.

“Only once we can shift our mindset to see what our own true value as an individual is, we will be able to see that in others as well and flourish together as a harmonious society.”

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Building Better Humans

In a world filled with AI, Robotics and Technology, it’s time to leverage Humans and Machine for accelerated growth.  

Bring the most advanced human focused practices to your business and:

      • Save MASSIVE Company Time, Money & Resources
      • Increase Employee Fit & Fulfillment
      • Reduce Turnover & “Quiet Quitting”
      • Retain Teams & Clients Who Can Grow With Your Company
      • Build Momentum & Reduce Human Initiated Disruption

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