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Leah Coss is an Entrepreneur & Consultant with a background in Franchising & Culture Development. She has worked with brands such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, and other assorted service based industries. Franchising’s foundation is built on automation. Over her years, she observed as technology & automation simplified the way we do business, and with it, corporations & individuals were being “blindsided” by change and had to confront their actual Value to the economy. Even more alarming was that the education system was not preparing youth for The Future of Work. Co-Founding Build a Biz Kids & The Fuel Academy, Leah’s mission is to help Businesses & individuals remain relevant and create true fulfillment in their work in this ever-changing economy.  

Topics for Business

Hiring “Smarter” to Reduce Employee Turnover

You have a role that needs to be filled and they need the right technical skills for the job. But how long will those skills remain relevant in this rapidly advancing climate? If you’re not looking beyond technical skills when hiring, then your employees could become obsolete within 3-5 years. Turnover is expensive, as is lost productivity.

What should you look for when hiring a candidate and how can you ensure they will thrive within the role over time? Discover how you can hire smarter, reduce turnover, and create a culture of development, rather than complacency and entitlement.

Humans vs Machine. Impact Your Bottom Line

To automate or not to automate, is that still a question? Michael Gerber’s E-Myth back in 1986, and then revisited in 1995, became a bible for franchise and non-franchised businesses. It was essentially the non tech version of automation. It made tasks faster, easier to duplicate and less expensive workers were able to be hired for the roles.

So why is Automation in the Tech age such a Hot Topic for controversy, fear & blame. Should you automate? YES! But if you think that replaces humans, you’re doing it wrong. Learn how in this challenge of beliefs and good business strategy talk. 

Topics for diverse audiences & students

Become Who You Were Always Meant To Be.

You know that change is inevitable. You may even like the idea of change and progress. But when it comes to our job and the value we perceive that we add to the world, the idea of change can be daunting.

How can you stay relevant in an economy that is evolving faster every day? If you choose a career, will it become obsolete in a few years? Is it even my “passion”? If I go to school, will my education still be in demand by the time I graduate? If new technology can do what I do, where will I go?

This discussion will dive into how you can bridge the Labour Skills Gap, define which skills you should double down on and how to remain relevant, valuable & fulfilled in your current or future career.

The Secret to Happiness & Personal Fulfillment

Find your passion and you will have a life of success and happiness. Great, HOW and WHEN will I find it?

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Also great, but what if the journey hurts and it is a struggle to get out of bed each day?

There are many books and programs who do a great job uncovering different ideas & theories on these topics, but yet so many of us are still trying to answer those questions.

In this talk, we will cover the #1 essential skill that will bring you Happiness, Fulfillment, and Longevity in any career that you choose to pursue at any point in life. 

Topics on The Education “System” & Teaching

Preparing Students for the Next 40 Years

We are blessed to live in a country where education is a human right, but is it still a necessity? This is a bold statement, yes, but it’s a question worth discussing.

In 12 years, what are we providing students that will last the next 30-40 years of their lives? Could we teach them these skills in just 5 or 8 years? Are we missing opportunities to deviver fresh graduates into the world ready for an ever changing economy?

There are many passionate opinions, however, one thing is certain, education is falling behind and perhaps the answer is easier than we want to admit. 

What is a Student’s Worth? Is It Up To Us?

It’s hard to ignore the research and case studies arising regularly around the importance of Soft Skills in the workplace. Hiring based on Academic or Technical skills is no longer a safe long term plan for an employer since, in the majority of industries, are rapidly evolving each year. But what is the balance? Do we have to eliminate something in order to make way for a new way of teaching?

Education is being challenged on it’s relevance in the economy. Like every other industry, change is certain, but the ones willing to move first, fast and ongoing will be the ones to survive. Technical vs Soft Skills. a Debate worth having. 

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